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Record Store Day 2016 - Saturday 16th April

So this years RSD release list was unveiled yesterday (you can find the UK list here: ) and music fans (yay!), record collectors (yay!) and ebay flippers (#@*$!) across the World will be rubbing their hands with eager anticipation.

Here at Left For Dead we always get excited about RSD because its a celebration of everything we do every day of the year. Sure there's a truck load of limited edition releases that (hopefully) will have the tills ringing, but the day is also about showing a wider audience what we're all about. If you're a relatively new and small operation like Left For Dead you simply can't buy the media attention and press coverage RSD affords you, so a lot more people will discover Left For Dead thanks to RSD. 

In addition to the exclusive RSD releases we'll be carrying the records, CD's and books we have throughout the year. We'll be putting on live music upstairs and I'm sure we'll dig out some free stuff and run a prize draw to encourage people into the shop.

And now for the boring stuff::

  • RSD releases are extremely limited. It's strictly one copy per customer (you can buy as many titles as you want but only ONE of each)
  • We can't pre-order or reserve RSD releases for you. It's first come first served I'm afraid.
  • I'll publish our RSD stock list as soon as the last stock arrives. This way you won't waste time queueing for something we don't have.
  • The shop will open at 8am on the 16th April. I'll get here early and hand out our RSD stock lists to the guys in the queue and then pick what you're after.

Keep the suggestions coming on the shop Facebook site; I'll publish news, band times and anything else RSD related as and when I get it.

Thanks for listening.








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