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New Shop, New Website...Old Stomping Ground


New Shop, New Website...

So here we are then. Shrewsbury. (Not a million miles from our old site in Digbeth for those of you adventurous enough to take the old road through the verdant Shropshire Hills. Or get on the train, it's an hour and bit from New Street. Or take your chances on the M6, M54).

A new shop and a new website. I'm a lot better at setting up the former than the latter; either age or stupidity, or a deadly combination of both, means that whilst the shop is almost where I want it, there's still a lot to be done with the website. Anyway, here it is. We'll be adding a lot more of our range over the coming weeks, as well as other bits and pieces like our best selling book titles.

I have to keep reminding myself (and the odd snarky customer) that although Left for Dead will be two years old this November, relocating the shop means that we're almost starting from scratch again. Almost; we've still got a killer range of records and CD's and stuff like the Loyalty Card membership is coming on leaps and bounds. 

We've got a bit more room to play with here in Shrewsbury. On the ground floor you'll find our range of music and books. On the first floor we're putting in a coffee den. Nothing fancy: hot drinks, cold snacks, couches, tables & chairs. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, just create a comfortable space where people can meet, relax and maybe catch some live music.

Old stomping ground

...indeed. I attended Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology after crawling through my A levels. One night after a particularly trying day spent daubing with sticks and mud, a fever dream offered me a glimpse of my future; my abstract canvases going for millions at auction. My life played out like a Roxy Music video across the bedroom ceiling; speedboats, speedballs and all night launch parties with Saatchi & Saatchi. Next morning I dropped college like a stone and got a job with HMV instead...




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