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Willy Vlautin | Lean On Pete

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Willy Vlautin | Lean On Pete




Told from the perspective of fifteen-year-old Charley Thompson, Lean on Pete (2010) is the story of a boy left to fend for himself by his wayward single father. Charley wanders to Portland Meadows racetrack one day and finds work with a surly, washed up horse trainer. He befriends an ageing quarter horse named Lean on Pete, and before long, Charley and Pete find themselves alone in an unforgiving landscape scattered with a vivid cast of characters, desperate situations, and glimmers of hope.

Lean on Pete received the 2010 Ken Kesey Award for Fiction and Literary Arts/The Oregonian Peoples’ Choice Award, was placed at #3 on The Independent’s “50 winter best reads“, is one of Roddy Doyle’s four favourite books of the year, made Uncut’s Top Ten Books of 2010 and the Oregonian‘s and Chicago Sun Times‘ Best Books of 2010, and was Hot Press #1 Book of the Year.

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