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The Nels Cline Singers | Share The Wealth

Blue Note

The Nels Cline Singers | Share The Wealth




Double black vinyl

Sez LFD's resident psychonaut beardfreak Zeke:

"I bore witness to a Wilco set at the Take Root Americana festival in Groningen that blew my tiny noggin; Nels Cline's guitar FX strafed holes in the multiverse and unleashed seven shades of daemonic shit onto the boggle-eyed crowd. Fortunately, Jeff Tweedy, Sam Beam and Matthew Houck were on hand to fiddle and banjo the daemonic slurry back to whence it came, and Tweedy forged chains from the melted spurs of Waylon Jennings and shackled them to Wilco's Americana wagon train, reigning in Cline's genre bending powers. Until now.
I watched the news footage of the Congress invasion with the sound off whilst playing this soundtrack, and the biggest compliment I can pay this record is that Cline has composed the theme choons for the carnage and chaos that surrounds us.
Equal parts Tom Verlaine's solo records and Miles Davis' On The Corner, this is a skronked out scorched earther of flamethrower grooves and Charlie says 'For Christ's sake don't take his shackles ofAaaaaarrrghhh!!!! riffage. Gonzo HUGE. RIYL Tom Verlaine, Chris Forsyth, Sonic Youth, John McLaughlin, free jazz, apocalypse skronking, Avant Garde noize, beards on fire."
Industry blurb:

On Nels Cline’s 3rd Blue Note release Share The Wealth, the sonic explorer and guitar renegade delivers a potent and provocative program of spontaneous, uncompromising, and ultimately compelling music with an expanded edition of his long-running project The Nels Cline Singersfeaturing saxophonist and punk-jazz iconoclast Skerik, keyboard marvel Brian Marsella, bass powerhouse Trevor Dunn, longtime collaborator and drummer Scott Amendola, and Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista. Together they revel in swirling, evocative soundscapes brimming with ferocious skronking and uninhibited stretching on this dynamic double album. “This band has never even played a live gig together,” explains the intrepid improviser and Wilco band member. “So basically, the whole thing was an experiment. We recorded all these jams with the idea that I was going to take tiny fragments of them and create this kind of cut-and-paste, collaged, psychedelic record like an Os Mutantes record or something crazy like that. But when I listened back to these jams, I liked them so much that I wanted to keep them intact.

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