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Skip Dippers!!!

Record shops up and down the land are stuffed full of great records straining to be heard, jostling to be sold to a proud new owner.

But what happens to all those records that don't make it home? Those perennial commercial failures that sit in bargain buckets like sad old dogs, diminishing in value even as their jacket loses it's lustre?

LFD opened it's doors in 2013, and along the way we've sold tons of records, but it's fair to say we've also accumulated a few sad old dogs, records that greet us every morning with a hopeful wag of the tail. "Maybe today old girl" I'll say, patting a jacket, a lump in my throat. 

Now, thanks to the power of modern technology and an over-egged dollop of passive-aggressive salesmanship, those sad old dogs might at last find the loving new home they deserve: 

Every day we'll be making a star of one of our sad old dogs by adding it here, at such a low price it'll bring tears to my eyes...