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Sqork Rock

Characterised by it's squawking NON-vocals, off-kilter riffs and rhythms, everything-including-the-kitchen-sink instrumentation and more textures than a student bedsit, this particularly virulent strain of pop music began life when the brilliant IDLES sold A&R men on the idea that guitars were cool again.

Mutating from the confused am I angry?/am I angsty? brute riffage of Fontaines D.C. , Shame etc, SQORK ROCK typically employs sarcasm, irony, and passive aggressive saxophones. Give these bands a papercut and they bleed POST ROCK, MATH ROCK, POST PUNK; considerable musical chops. None of them even pretend to sing, but when it's this good, who cares?

Direct descendants of The Fall, Pavement, Swell Maps, Magazine, Tropical Fuck Storm, Talking Heads and Police songs composed by Stewart Copeland.