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Slowthai | Tyron - Clear Vinyl

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Slowthai | Tyron - Clear Vinyl




Limited edition indies-only gatefold double clear vinyl

Industry fluff: Slowthai release his sophomore album, self-titled in the truest sense; 'TYRON'.

At the top of this year, Slowthai dropped 'MAZZA' featuring A$AP Rocky along with accompanying video, his third offering from 'TYRON' and a shift into the harsher, brazen Side One of the record. 'MAZZA', which was Annie Mac's Hottest Record, DJ Target's Targo Embargo and now Radio 1 C List, embodies the feeling of 'TYRON's A-side; this is the Slowthai we know and like to view cautiously from afar, the loud and outspoken, highly charged and politicised beacon of the dissasociated youth. The one who held a Boris' severed head on stage at the Mercury Awards. In this side of 'TYRON', Slowthai pushes beyond the boundaries and cages that society has forced upon him and challenges others to do the same. He will go through anything in his way. And this ferocity naturally will take it's toll...

Side Two depicts Tyron, an anxious boy who fills awkward silences with nervous laughter, who finds it hard to articulate and communicate how he's feeling. Someone who builds themselves up by borrowing parts of other people and never truly being themselves. Desperate to seek gratitude from others as the only means of self-validation. Tricking himself into liking things he hates to try and belong. These are the two sides on 'TYRON', Slowthai being completely transparent in depicting the internal struggle he faces.


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