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Left for Dead has participated in RSD since 2014, with every successive event building upon the previous year.

2020 has been challenging for everyone, and the Covid-19 pandemic has meant we've had to change a few things for RSD this year.

We will open the shop at 10 AM as usual and we will endeavour to pick customers RSD requests in consecutive order. However, because of social distancing rules we have had to make some changes to our usual RSD operation:

1. If you are intending to queue on RSD please remember to observe social distancing guidelines and be patient. 

2. Due to social distancing we are limiting customers in the shop to ONE ONLY while we manage the RSD queue. This means that a member of staff will take your order and pick it while you wait. There will be NO BROWSING in the shop while we manage the RSD orders.

3. Unless you have the required proof of exemption, you MUST WEAR A MASK IN THE SHOP.

4. Where possible, please use your card rather than paying in cash. 

5. This year RSD releases will be available to order online from 6pm in the UK. We will publish our RSD remainders at this time.