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Asgeir | Here It Comes - RSD14

One Little Independent

Asgeir | Here It Comes - RSD14




Limited edition picture disc

1. Here It Comes

2. Heart-Shaped Box


"I'm a big fan of Scandi noir. I once penned a 10 page treatment and loose script for that bloke Walter on All 4.
Rugged Fjord is a detective in Bergen. He has a penchant for wearing chunky sweaters and a pensive gaze. The threadbare plot involves the kidnapping of his colleague, Dave Gröhl, by a gang of church-burning black metallers, who mistakenly believe they've got the ex-Nirvana drummer tied up in the back of their panel van. In actual fact, the bloke they've kidnapped is a police data analyst with Tourettes syndrome from Oslo. Shot digitally and almost exclusively at night, the somber mood and lighting are broken only once, in a fifteen minute set-piece; in a primordial emerald-green forest clearing, where the Norwegian police and the real Dave Grohl negotiate the surrender of the gang who are holed up in their barn-cum-recording studio. Gröhl's release hinges upon Grohl getting behind the drums. Getting my script green-lighted hinged upon getting the real Dave Grohl to spend a weekend shooting in Norway. One was easier than the other.
Console yourself (as I do) with tonight's Skip Dipper, Asgeir's RSD14 seven inch single featuring Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box on the b side, which was to be the signature tune of my Scandi noir masterpiece." 

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