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Beck | Mutations


Beck | Mutations



Black vinyl

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In 2020, on the Left For Dead Facebook page, I picked one of my favourite and influential albums every day and wrote about it. One day someone will print a book that collects them all. And one day after that, someone will make a movie about it...

Beck | Mutations 1998
A first entry for Beck and the fourth record released in 1998 to make the list of my 365 favourite records (it's a Leap Year, make it 366-ed) so far.
After the commercial and critical success of Odelay, Mutations felt like a very deliberate attempt to avoid being pigeonholed. Gone were the samples and hip hop influences, in came acoustic dirges, shanties, and nods to Brazilian Tropicalia. Oh yeah, and arguably Beck's finest recorded moment: 'hidden' track Diamond Bollocks. My memory is pretty hazy but I'm convinced that Beck played Diamond Bollocks when he supported The Verve at Haigh Hall earlier in '98. Gurgle it.
Not long after this came out me and my girlfriend took a winter break to Gran Canaria. I can only remember three things about that holiday; our dive hotel, the Atlantic wind, and repeatedly listening to Mutations on my Walkman.

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