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Death Valley Girls | Islands In The Sky - Splatter Vinyl

Suicide Squeeze

Death Valley Girls | Islands In The Sky - Splatter Vinyl




Limited edition (1500 worldwide) 'We Come In Peace' neon pink, orange & green splatter vinyl

Includes pull-out poster

Includes download code

For the better part of a decade, LA’s scrappy rock n’ roll mystics Death Valley Girls have used their music as a means of tapping into a communal cosmic energy. On albums like Glow In The Dark (2016), Darkness Rains (2018), and Under the Spell of Joy (2020) the band challenged the soul-crushing banality of modern society and celebrated “true magical in­nite potential” through a collage of scorching proto-punk riffs, earworm melodies, far-out lyrics, and lysergic auxiliary instrumentation.

But on their latest album Islands in the Sky, Death Valley Girls’ songwriting mastermind Bonnie Bloomgarden uses the band’s anthemic revelries as a guidebook to spiritual healing and a roadmap for future incarnations of the self. And while these may be the loftiest aims of Death Valley Girls to date, the resulting music is also by far their most infectious and celebratory.

RIYL: New Candys, La Luz, Kristen Hersh, Black Doldrums, Hole, Ex Hex, Bangles, Black Bananas, Phil Spector, Tropical Fuck Storm etc

“Death Valley Girls are a gift to the world.” - Iggy Pop

“Harnessing the allure of the occult and the power of self-help, the Los Angeles garage rockers break free from their roots and ascend to the realm of spiritual psych-jazz rockestra.” – Pitchfork

“(Death Valley Girls) taps out of traditional songwriting and tune into a new spiritual consciousness…” – Spin

“An insistent Banshees like boom and groove.” – MOJO


1. California Mountain Shake 2. Magic Powers 3. Islands In The Sky 4. Sunday 5. What Are The Odds 6. Journey to Dog Star 7. Say It Too 8. Watch The Sky 9. When I'm Free 10. All That Is Not of Me 11. It's All Really Kind Of Amazing

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