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Jon Spencer & The HITmakers | Spencer Gets It Lit - Clear Vinyl

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Jon Spencer & The HITmakers | Spencer Gets It Lit - Clear Vinyl




Limited edition 'Frosted Clear' vinyl

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The indelible Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, Boss Hog, Pussy Galore, Heavy Trash, etc.) is back with JON SPENCER & the HITmakers.

‘Spencer Gets It Lit’ delivers friction, excitement and postmodern depravity in a gonzo retaliation against idiocy that is as good a balm for our collective PTSD as any. Across layers of big beats, fuzz guitar and fat synths he spits, croons,rhapsodises and seduces. ‘Spencer Gets It Lit’ is his most complex, groovy and fun record in years; a dark and danceable odyssey - both a studied takedown of the early 21st Century and a celebration of the place where electricity meets the mind.

‘The Worst Facts’ has the HITmakers chanting “It's called a fact!” over a uniquely Spencer lesson in humility. ‘Strike 3’ has Spencer exchange anxieties with HITmaker (and one half of Quasi) Sam Coomes (Jon: “This world! Make me feel bad!”,Sam: “I’m grindin’ my teeth! Grindin’ ‘em out!”) before they jointly erupt into the chorus of “Hot dogs! Baseball!... We’re gonna die!!”

Forthcoming single ‘Worm Town’ (with its gambit “Twinkle twinkle little star, tried to run but didn’t get far”) is country-synth funk that you didn’t know you needed ‘til you needed it.

In ‘Get It Right Now’, Spencer mixes hitmaking with troublemaking, calling out Zuckerberg, Bezos, and, er, Jagger (“You got nothin’ on me!!”). ‘Spencer Gets It Lit’ is classic Jon Spencer taken to the extremis - electro-boogie, constructivist artpop, a cocktail of industrial sleaze and futurist elegance.

Says Spencer, “Send out the Hit Signal! This is the most uncompromising album I’ve ever made!!”

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