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Maria BC | Hyaline

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Maria BC | Hyaline




***Indies-only release***

Black vinyl

“Maria BC’s ambient dream-pop lands as softly and naturally as snow at night” - Pitchfork

“Pop sensibilities with the elegance and weight of artists like Grouper" - Various Small Flames

‘Hyaline’ is the debut album from Ohio-born, Oakland, CA based artist and songwriter, Maria BC.

Following last year’s debut EP, ‘Devil’s Rain’, which received critical praise from Pitchfork, BBC Radio 6 Music, KEXP and more, Maria recorded ‘Hyaline’ across their untreated Brooklyn apartment in Summer 2021, like a wandering spirit gaining energy from different spaces. Their classically trained mezzo soprano voice soars over raw, ethereal guitars; audio samples from Prospect Park - now almost unrecognizable - settle alongside tender, transformative harmonies.

Mixing together different sessions, tracks recorded directly into their phone and samples collected over the years, Maria BC likens ‘Hyaline’ to a ‘sonic collage’. It’s a project of patience and trusting the process.

‘Hyaline’, the album title, describes something that is clear and translucent like glass, especially a smooth sea. For Maria, songwriting is a stretched blank canvas awaiting the strokes of an exhale, and it’s this slow-moving process that rewards us the ease of a crystalline sky, without forgetting the clouds that may have come before it.

A knife's-edge balance of intimacy and ambiguity, ‘Hyaline’ accesses snapshots of grief, anxiety and wonder through a miscellany of spectres: these are ghost stories, but not as we know them.


No Reason


The Only Thing






The Big Train

Good Before



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