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Nicolas Godin | Contrepoint


Nicolas Godin | Contrepoint


180g coloured vinyl.

Includes CD version of album.


The debut solo album from Nicolas Godin A.K.A., most likely, the seriously talented one from Air.  And an entire album of music inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach, no less. The objective is to fully immerse in that left-field side project (Air are on ice if you’ll pardon the pun).  
As such, less an exercise in a chart bothering challenge to the crown of Daft Punk.  More acurately an intriguing jaunt into musical exploration. Each track uses a Bach composition as a jump off point, before traversing a heady mix of digital and analogue indulgence.
Interestingly, Orca is the only tune that openly displays its Baroque-period influences. Quei due is Serge Gainsbourg via Jean-Jacques Perrey. Club Nine, presumably quite deliberately given the title, appears to subvert the main lick from Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.  
All of which is mere foreplay ahead of Bach Off, a Kaleidoscopic kitchen sink of jazz, lounge piano, EDM and chattering African rhythms.
For those dinner parties at which Al Green’s Greatest Hits simply won’t be enough to impress your guests!

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