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Owen Pallett | The Two EPs


Owen Pallett | The Two EPs




Gatefold black vinyl

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Domino are pleased to announce a remastered reissue of Owen Pallett’s early catalogue, including the pairing of these two EPs together for their wider release.

Pallett has built a reputation on live virtuosity, as violinist for the many local Toronto bands, followed by the wild looped violin songwriting solo project.

The first EP (side A), ‘Spectrum, 14th Century’, originally released in2008, is a ‘prequel’ to Pallett’s celebrated album, ‘Heartland’ (2010), set in the same fictional world of Spectrum.

Pallett: “When I realized ‘Heartland’ was going to be a ‘fantasy’album, I imagined that the ‘Spectrum’ EP would serve as a map of the countryside, as one would find in the first pages of a fantasy novel.”

The second EP (side B), ‘Plays to Please’, also released in 2008, is Pallett’s tribute to Van Dyke Parks’ arrangement style, and is their first foray into full orchestral production. In the spirit of ‘Nilsson Plays Newman’, it is a collection of interpretations of the works of songwriter Alex Lukashevsky.


Oh Spectrum
Blue Imelda
The Butcher
The Ballad of No-Face
Horsetail Feathers
Moodring Band
I Saved A Junky Once
Nun Or A Bawd

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