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Porches | All Day Gentle Hold! - Yellow Vinyl


Porches | All Day Gentle Hold! - Yellow Vinyl




Limited edition indies-only yellow vinyl

Includes download code

The new Porches record, ‘All Day Gentle Hold !’,via Domino, is a celebratory collection of songs. It’s charged up and chaotic, and described by the artist Aaron Maine as “the most energetic, off-the cuff moments, collaged together into the most captivating songs [he] could make.”

‘All Day Gentle Hold !’ was meant to be released as a short, punchy collection of songs that embraced Maine’s rock roots with live drums, two guitars, a keyboard, and a drum machine. As he fully embraced the guitar as his main instrument and returned to a minimal band arrangement,Maine found a new way of working, one that pared down the maximalism of previous album ‘Ricky Music’ to a more focused sonic palette.

After years of experimentation, this record was an effort to create the music Maine makes most naturally, not through the lens of a producer, but as a songwriter and performer reaching out to an audience he could no longer see or feel.



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