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The Districts | Great American Painting - Gold Vinyl

Fat Possum

The Districts | Great American Painting - Gold Vinyl




Limited edition indies-only gold vinyl

"This record is a new era. The desire to create something larger than yourself, that will infiltrate people’s hearts like well oiled machines, to paint pictures that will shake them and create a resounding push forward towards something more. In our pandemic isolation, what we wanted was to play a loud collage of music, unconfined by preconceived notions of what it should be, and to transcend ourselves in a room full of breathing, screaming, vibrating human beings - to let the darkness out in a cathartic squeal of noise, eclipsing it with light. We wanted to feel it all at once with you and to escape this fucked up world and find our way into a better one together."

1. Revival Psalm
2. No Blood
3. Do It Over
4. White Devil
5. Long End
6. Outlaw Love
7. Hover
8. I Want To Feel It All
9. On Our Parting, My Beloved

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