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The Nightingales | Pigs On Purpose - Blue Vinyl 2021 Repress

Call Of The Void

The Nightingales | Pigs On Purpose - Blue Vinyl 2021 Repress




Limited edition gatefold double blue vinyl

Includes download code

An early punk classic, The Nightingales' debut was a strange transmission released as the musical landscape was changing. They were the last important band with roots in the first blossoming of punk and became a major influence upon the explosion of mid-80s indie labels and associated bands.

“A perfect example of out-of-sync genius” AllMusic

“Robert Lloyd's deadpan, elegantly hilarious lyrics make Sistine Chapel shapes of mundane provincial minutiae.” The Times

“When it comes to outsider artists, Robert Lloyd is the living embodiment of the term.” Record Collector

★★★★ Norman Records


SIDE 1 1 Blood For Dirt 2 Start From Scratch 3 One Mistake 4 Well Done Underdog 5 The Crunch 6 The Hedonists Sigh 7 It Lives Again SIDE 2 8 Make Good 9 Don't Blink 10 Joking Apart 11 Yeah, It's Okay 12 Use Your Loaf 13 Blisters SIDE 3 14 Bristol Road Leads To Dachau (demo) 15 Hark My Love (demo) 16 Nowhere To Return (demo) 17 Blisters (demo) 18 Idiot Strength 19 Seconds SIDE 4 20 The Crunch (demo) 21 The Hedonists Sigh (demo) 22 Inside Out 23 Under The Lash 24 Paraffin Brain 25 Elvis, The Last Ten Days Bonus tracks on DL only 1 My Brilliant Career (live) 2 Which Hi-Fi? (live) 3 Paraffin Brain (live) 4 Use Your Loaf (live)

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