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Throwing Muses | Purgatory / Paradise - RSD20

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Throwing Muses | Purgatory / Paradise - RSD20




Originally released in 2013, Purgatory/Paradise gets reissued on double vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. Emerging ten years from a hiatus, it’s a formidable 32 track opus of tangible bliss from the alt-rock heroes. Devised as a book with essays by Kristin Hersh with art by drummer Dave Narcizo, it’s a fractured album about loss, most tracks are short, broken, some are even reprises. Everything is tentative with memories listed in order of disappearance - includes ‘Milan’ about a neighbourhood in New Orleans where Hersh’s house was destroyed by hurricane Katrina, ‘Static’ that deals with a close loss of a close friend and ‘Terra Nova’ an ode to the band’s first break up.

“The songs still bewitchingly combine beauty and tension.” The Guardian

★★★★ Pitchfork

SIDE A SIDE B A1 Smoky Hands 1 B1 Freesia A2 Morning Birds 1 B2 Curtains A3 Sleepwalking 2 B3 Triangle Quantico A4 Sunray Venus B4 Morning Birds A5 Cherry Candy 1 B5 Lazy Eye A6 Film B6 Blurry A7 Opiates B7 Folding Fire A8 Cherry Candy 2 B8 Slippershell

SIDE C SIDE D C1 Bluff D1 Clark's Nutcracker C2 Blurry D2 Dripping Trees C3 Terra Nova D3 Sleepwalking C4 Walking Talking D4 Smoky Hands C5 Milan D5 Speedbath C6 Curtains D6 Quick C7 Folding Fire D7 Dripping Trees C8 Static D8 Glass Cats

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