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Warmduscher | European Cowboy - RSD20

The Leaf Label

Warmduscher | European Cowboy - RSD20




'If you are cursed in a dream, that very same curse will devour you and - even in your waking moments - deliver you screaming, into the arms of a winged beast. Behold a 12” of limitless pleasure. Three remixes by three captains of colossal love and power. Grasp tight the rope of passion, joy will envelop you.'

 - Dr Alan Goldfarb, February 2020

 A little side order to go with your Tainted Lunch? Triple-cooked Warmduscher fries courtesy of Soulwax, Decius and Savage Gary ready in time for Record Store Day.

 12” collecting Warmduscher remixes featuring a brand new Soulwax remix of ‘Midnight Dipper’, plus a wonky house rework of ‘Disco Peanuts’ by Decius, and Savage Gary’s filthy take on ‘I Got Friends’. Legitimate bangers. First time on vinyl

Limited edition black vinyl. Only 1,000 copies for the world

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