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Yard Act | Dark Days - Red Vinyl

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Yard Act | Dark Days - Red Vinyl




Limited edition indies-only 'Red Ash' vinyl

“There’s acuity, pathos and wit, deadpan storytelling over catchy, snaking riffs and relentless grooves” - The Guardian

“Yard Act have cemented themselves as one of the most exciting bands on this Green Earth” - So Young

Having sold out their first two 7”s in double quick time and in response to huge demand, Yard Act have compiled their first four tracks on Red Ash 12” vinyl.

Yard Act formed in Leeds in late 2019 when Ryan Needham found himself temporarily living in James Smith’s spare bedroom. The two had been pub associates for years but their new living circumstances served as a catalyst for their friendship and creative partnership which saw them fuse James’ interest in spoken word with Ryan’s primitive protopunk demos using an ancient drum machine and borrowed bass guitar.

Yard Act’s rise since arriving in March 2020 with debut track ‘The Trapper’s Pelts’ has been nothing short of extraordinary, even without the opportunity to showcase their incendiary live set.

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