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RSD Countdown Day 20


As threatened, throughout April - in celebration of Record Store Day - I offer up a daily post related to all things record shop.
And if any of it sounds like a Manifesto, consider it good practice for my election campaign next year.
Day Twenty of this steaming pile of japery, kinghell boring bullshit and contentious nonsense...
Wish List
After RSD there's always a question thrown at the shops by the RSD organisers - 'What would you like to see released next RSD?'
I would always prefer new and exclusive (ie only ever available physically on an RSD release) material over a reissue, if only because over the past few years labels have increasingly relied on the stuff they've got in the vaults for RSD and inevitably a 'standard' variant gets released six months or so after RSD anyway.
Artists making the effort to record something new for the independents and their fans feels more organic and meaningful and certainly more in keeping with the day.
That said, the question always comes up, and maybe one day someone might listen to the answers the shops feedback.
The LFD Fantasy RSD Wish List:
1. Secret Machines | Ten Silver Drops  - Silver & Green splatter vinyl
2. Various | Time Machine - A Vertigo Retrospective vinyl boxset
3. Porno For Pyros | Porno For Pyros - splatter vinyl
4. Various | Gather In The Mushrooms - British Acid Folk boxset
5. Orange Can | Entrance High Rise 
6. Passengers | Original Soundtracks 1
7. Love/Hate | Blackout In The Red Room - picture disc
8. Nik Kershaw | Human Racing
9. Bees | Free The Bees
10. Various | DJ Kicks Daddy G - boxset

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