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Adrianne Lenker | Bright Future - Coloured Vinyl


Adrianne Lenker | Bright Future - Coloured Vinyl




Limited edition indies-only recycled coloured vinyl

Adrianne Lenker announces her new solo album, ‘Bright Future’, her first
album since 2020’s song sand instrumentals,  featuring co-production from
Philip Weinrobe alongside contributions from NickHakim, Mat Davidson and Josefin Runsteen.

Following previous single, ‘Ruined’, ‘Sadness As A Gift’ sees Lenker at her
most familiar and warm - a track that is both utterly timeless, yet new and
surprising on every listen. The aliveness of Adrianne’s voice keeps her
poetry a loft. She sings in a circle completed by guitar, piano, violin and all
voices. “The seasons go so fast /Thinking that this one was going to last /
Maybe the question was too much to ask.”

On ‘Bright Future’, Adrianne Lenker, a songwriter known for turns of phrase
and currents of rhyme, says it plainly: “You have my heart / I want it back.”
Documented with analogue precision, what began as an experiment in
collaboration became proof Adrianne’s heart did return, full to the brim,
daring her into the unknown.

During the high vibrance of Autumn 2022, the Big Thief band member got
lucky. Everyone could come. Three musical friends - “Some of my favourite
people”- had space in their busy touring schedules to join her at forest
hidden analogue studio, Double Infinity. The musicians - Hakim, Davidson
and Runsteen - were known to Adrianne but newer to each other. “I had no
idea what the outcome would be,” she recalls. The result? “It was magical,”
she says. Adrianne’s musical risk became ‘Bright Future’, the studio’s first
album, a12-track telling of a journeyed heart.

‘Bright Future’’s co-producer and engineer, Philip Weinrobe, prepared the
studio. He has been Adrianne’s partner on previous solo albums, but this
was something new. Adrianne did not intend to make an album. They would
instead explore the songs with no expectations. Even with an open outcome,
from the start, Phil wanted to capture the sessions with the purest, technical

Admirers of Adrianne’s solo music and of Big Thief will find on ‘Bright Future’
her reliable talent captured in stunning, magnetic clarity. In the company of
parlour instruments, Adrianne’s modern melodic and lyrical inventions create
new traditions. Her vocal flights at times outwit gravity and then land, guiding
along an earthly path. The wholeness of the un-spliced recordings preserves
a time of musical friendship during a golden season. The album also features
the original recording of the now-beloved Big Thief song, ‘Vampire Empire’.


Real House
Sadness As A Gift
No Machine
Free Treasure
Vampire Empire
Already Lost
Cell Phone Says
Donut Seam

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