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Akimitsu Takagi | The Noh Mask Murder

Pushkin Press

Akimitsu Takagi | The Noh Mask Murder





224 pages

Strange things are happening in the Chizurui mansion…

At night, a figure clad in a Hannya mask is spotted wandering around the house. The amateur crime fiction writer, Akimitsu Takagi, is sent to investigate, but then tragedy strikes. The head of the Chizurui family is found dead inside his study, locked from the inside, with only a Hannya mask and the scent of jasmine as clues to his mysterious death.

As Takagi delves deeper into the case, can he discover the link between the family and the curse of the Hannya mask? Who was the person who called the undertaker and asked for three coffins? And how many buried secrets lie behind the inexplicable murder?

The Noh Mask Murder is a gripping masterpiece of a locked-room mystery written by one of Japan’s most celebrated crime writers

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