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Bloody Head | Perpetual Eden

Wrong Speed Records

Bloody Head | Perpetual Eden




Black vinyl

Perpetual Eden is the seventh release by Nottingham’s Bloody Head and their first on Wrong Speed following LPs, EPs and cassettes for such noted labels as Hominid Sounds, Viral Age, At War With False Noise and Bitter Dose.

Bloody Head occupy an almost-unique place in the over-populated world of what you might call “noise rock” (if you were the sort of person who files their records by invented genres).

Probably the most unpredictable and chaotic band in a city that is famous for them, live gigs can be genuinely unsettling and messy affairs and occasionally 2 confrontational or even scary as an audience member. However, rather than being a scream into the void or a nihilistic tantrum, it feels like the noise and chaos are there to clear room for revelations and epiphanies (big or small) to subsequently happen in the space that is left behind for both the band and the audience. Imagine them as a giant hand trying to sweep away the shit of existence and reveal everything beautiful that remains.

Perpetual Eden feels like the sharpest manifestation of the band’s approach yet. Narcotic/gnostic lyrical observations are revealed as truths through the ritual of noise and repetition. It changes and it changes you. This is heavyweight sound used as psychic tool of discovery. Like seeing the wonderful light of heaven, right as you step out of the pub into the road and the bus hits you.

1. There Is No Authority But Yourself… And Everyone Else 2. Sid + Gary 3. The Crooked Hinge 4. And So It Goes 5. Unfold Your Own Myth 6. Occult Bother 7. Neti Neti 8. She Comes In 7’s 9. The Temple Collapses

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