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Broken Bells | Into The Blue - Purple Vinyl

30th Century

Broken Bells | Into The Blue - Purple Vinyl




Limited edition indies-only gatefold opaque purple vinyl

Broken Bells are back with their third full length album, INTO THE BLUE. Featuring two of the bigger names in indie and alternative music -- the Shins' singer/guitarist James Mercer and producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse -- Broken Bells combined the pair's greatest strengths.

On 2010's Grammy-nominated self-titled debut and 2014's more structured After the Disco, Mercer's gift for indelible, slightly spooky melodies and Burton's atmospheric productions complemented each other perfectly. In the late 2010s, the duo reconvened to release a succession of singles ahead of their third album. Mercer and Burton were inspired to collaborate when they met at 2004's Roskilde music festival in Denmark, where they discovered they were fans of each other's work. However, they didn't start writing and recording together as a band until March 2008, when Mercer holed up in Burton's home studio in Los Angeles. They took a different approach to working together than with their other projects: Burton avoided the sample-heavy style he used on The Grey Album and Beck's Modern Guilt, and played only live instruments; Mercer broadened his vocal style to include falsettos and deeper registers. Mercer and Burton made their official debut as Broken Bells in 2009, releasing their debut single, "The High Road," late that year.

Their self-titled debut album came out in March 2010; it reached number seven on the Billboard 200 Albums chart and was nominated for a Best Alternative Album award at the 2011 Grammy Awards.


1. One Night
2. Into The Blue
3. We're Not In Orbit Yet…
4. Saturdays
5. Invisible Exit
6. Forgotten Boy
7. The Chase
8. Love On The Run
9. Fade Away


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