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Craven Faults | Standers - Green Vinyl


Craven Faults | Standers - Green Vinyl




Limited edition (1000) gatefold 'Dark Fell Green' double vinyl

Includes 20 page photobook

The cult of Craven Faults continues to grow.

The identity of the producer behind Craven Faults is still a closely guarded secret, but there are rumblings of live performances to come.

Meticulously curated, each release moves the Craven Faults story forward. Each one a self-contained analogue electronic journey across northern Britain, viewed through the lens of a century in popular music. Studios, venues and movements. Technology and ingenuity. Vibrations. Lines drawn to connect those moments of inspiration.

On Standers, there’s a sonic shift. A new palette to paint from and further refinement of the craft. We’re no longer exclusively travelling overland. Familiar landscapes are viewed from a different perspective. There’s a growing obsession in how this island came to look the way it does, and how its ancient and modern history affects its current population. Landscapes shaped by the elements, and then by countless conquerors and settlers. Livestock and machinery. Money, religion and politics.


1-2. A1. Hurrocstanes (16:32)
1-2. B1. Severals (7:55)
1-3. B2. Meers & Hushes (12:21)
1-4. C1. Sun Vein Strings (18:18)
1-5. D1. Idols & Altars (7:07)
1-6. D2. Odda Delf (10:06)

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