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Falling Floors | Falling Floors - Clear Vinyl

Riot Season

Falling Floors | Falling Floors - Clear Vinyl




Limited edition clear vinyl

Coming on like the Butthole Surfers ragged Hurdy Gurdy (cave)Man, Falling Floors then tumble off-piste into a proto-metal Stygian forest of bottom end riffola that recalls early Causa Sui, Heron Oblivion, White Manna and Neil Young's Le Noise guitar squall.

There's a jagged sliver of Entrance's maniacal psych-out Prayer Of Death, and a tattered remnant of Arboretum's The Gathering here too, a, 'keep off the roads, stick t' the moors' kinda vibe, howling at the moon preferable to an all-nighter at the Slaughtered Lamb.

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