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Gordon Brown, Mohamed A.El-Erian, Michael Spence | Perma Crisis

Simon & Schuster

Gordon Brown, Mohamed A.El-Erian, Michael Spence | Perma Crisis





352 pages

'Offers hope and good sense in equal measure'
Ian Bremmer

'A sensible plan for reform that can help us create a fairer and more equitable world'
Sheryl Sandberg

Problems are mounting.
We face sputtering growth, an escalating climate emergency, worsening inequality, poor policy responses, increasing nationalism and a decline in global co-operation.
But a permacrisis need not be permanent.

In this book, three of the most internationally respected and experienced thinkers of our time, Gordon Brown, Mohamed A. El-Erian and Michael Spence, writing with Reid Lidow, explain where we’ve gone wrong and set out what could be done to bring about a brighter future for generations to come. They look beyond today’s headlines and political rhetoric to offer a bold, big-picture vision and nuanced, achievable solutions for fixing our broken approaches to growth, economic management, and governance.

The world is changing. What that change looks like is up to us.

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