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Love Fiend | Handle With Care - Coloured Vinyl

In The Red

Love Fiend | Handle With Care - Coloured Vinyl




Limited edition green & yellow vinyl

“A glorious dirty little gem in Los Angeles finally rears its four heads again. Love Fiend have been slaying sine waves and bashing bongos boldly for a while now in the dusty dens of the unkempt underground. Good news for you, you can get an injection in your own home soon enough, you Fiend! Hooks for days, these young humans are now leaning fast forward into the reverse-future with Handle With Care out soon on OG In The Red Records. Perhaps they can join the upper echelons of Tik Tok barf famous good feelin’ peddlers like some of their label mates or perhaps they can just wear you out on the dance floor. One can dream anyhow. Either way this is gonna get stuck in your ear hole eyes, thank heavens. Deffo some neon drizzled ’80s synth punk highway tunes here. Just the right amount of this and just a bit of that in the roux to make you forget that we are teetering on the edge of………..for 30 minutes or so at least. Whew close one. Really all you need to get on. All hail the medicinal extra strength over these counter pop pills. For fans of Nick Lowe, The Cars, Gary Numan, Blondie, The Nerves. I could go on but why reveal everything in the trailer. Twist! Enjoy.” —John Peter Dwyer

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