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Makaya McCraven | Deciphering The Message

Blue Note

Makaya McCraven | Deciphering The Message




Black vinyl

On ‘Deciphering The Message’, Chicago-based jazz drummer and producer Makaya McCraven reworks some jazz classics.

Tunes by the likes of Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Hank Mobley, Dexter Gordon and Ahmad Jamal are triumphantly reborn into the world of hip-hop. McCraven has chosen and reworked the tracks to work as a complete LP rather than individual tracks.

“I always want to make music that will connect with people in one way, where it makes them nod or feel something or transport them somewhere,” McCraven said in a statement. “I also hope this makes them check out the source of this music if they have it. The music that we’re making now is part of the same route and is connected, so I want to honor tradition and release something that people can vibe to.”

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