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Odetta Hartman | Swansongs - Clear Vinyl


Odetta Hartman | Swansongs - Clear Vinyl




Limited edition 'Milky Clear' vinyl

Self-described as ‘cowboy soul, future folk’, NYC artist
Odetta Hartman’s sound is both traditional and
modern. ‘Swansongs’, produced by Odetta, Alex
Friedman and Wyatt Bertz, is a dynamic and powerful
reflection of love and ambition, hopeful, energetic and
at times chaotic but always captivating.

Following her debut mini-LP, ‘222’, and ‘Old
Rockhounds Never Die’, which saw her touring her
unique performance style, part Jack White rock and
roll folk blues, part electronic experimentations, with
the likes of Let’s Eat Grandma, Cosmo Sheldrake and
Skullcrusher, she returns with her strongest set of
songs to date - another fever dream of a record
including the experimental pop of ‘Goldilocks’, the
dramatic string-led ‘Dr. No’.

“Few artists combine the concepts of arcane and
contemporary as atmospherically as New York’s
Odetta Hartman.”-Uncut

“In a musical ecosystem where singular is overused
and haunting is all but nauseating, Hartman and
Inslee’s work here is deserving of such accolades.
There is nothing quite else that ties together such
imaginative incongruence with ease, a quilt of scraps
that cannot be replicated. What should be a hot mess
is a marvel, a constellation of sounds shining bright
and mysterious.”- Pitchfork


Rise Above
Good Socks (Happy)
Winter Constellations
Mother / Child
Chaos / Magic
Dr. No
Pictured Rocks
Ode 222 You

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