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Pissed Jeans | Half Divorced - Loser Edition

Sub Pop

Pissed Jeans | Half Divorced - Loser Edition




Limited LOSER edition 'Coke Bottle green' vinyl

Pissed Jeans have never been a band that go halfway -they’re known for their feral vocals, biting lyrics, buzzsaw guitars, and unhinged live shows, and their sixth album,‘Half-Divorced’, is no exception. These songs skewer the tension between youthful optimism and the sobering realities of adulthood, and when viewed through frontman Matt Korvette’s scowl, everything takes on a level of violent absurdity.

Pissed Jeans’ notorious acerbic sense of humour remains sharper than ever as they dismember some of the joys that contemporary adult life has to offer, from helicopter parents to stolen catalytic converters to being $62,000 in debt. On ‘Seatbelt Alarm Silencer’, Korvette growls,“Call it a death drive but that ain’t fair / Drive implies I’m headed somewhere.”

Korvette, Brad Fry (guitar), Randy Huth (bass), and Sean McGuinness (drums) weren’t in any rush to finish ‘Half Divorced’, which was recorded by Don Godwin at Tonal Park in Takoma Park, Maryland. “We’re not the kind of band that bangs out a new record every two years,”Korvette said. “Pissed Jeans is truly like an art project for us, which is what makes it so fun.” This lack of restraint rages within the songs that unexpectedly veer into classic hardcore punk territory - often coming in at under two minutes long and erupting like the “butane tank explosion” Korvette sings about in ‘Junktime’.

In the last song, ‘Moving On’, Korvette sneers, “Cheesing into my camera phone / Pretending that I’m not alone / Life’s the first thing that we all postpone.” One gets the sense that Pissed Jeans refuse to ‘postpone’ life in quite the same way - life, like art, is something that happens now, not later.


Killing All the Wrong People
Helicopter Parent
Cling to a Poisoned Dream
Sixty-Two Thousand Dollars in
Everywhere Is Bad
Alive With Hate
Seatbelt Alarm Silencer
(Stolen) Catalytic Converter
Moving On

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