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Pozi | Typing EP - Green Vinyl


Pozi | Typing EP - Green Vinyl




Limited edition indies-only 'Sea Green' vinyl

Last summer, Pozi’s ‘176’ EP came out just as the pandemic was offering us its first false dawn. Fast forward twelve months and another devastating wave later, we’re still a disorientated, shell-shocked mess. A grimly perfect time then for the south London threepiece to return with new EP ‘Typing’ on PRAH Recordings.

The five tracks here reflect another stage in Pozi’s evolution. Since coming out of the gate they’ve been a bristling, frenetic presence, toeing the line between dissonance and pop sensibility. As the ‘176’ EP was a refinement of what they did on PZ1, Typing sees the trio becoming yet more comfortable in their relationship as a band and increasingly confident in how far they can push their sound.

‘Typing’ isn’t a lockdown record but it has been informed by it. More importantly though, it’s yet another significant step forward from a band who’ve so far felt like something of an underground secret, despite being championed by BBC Radio 6 Music and in various places by contemporaries such as Sleaford Mods, Squid and Sports Team. Once restrictions do finally lift, that may no longer be the case.

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