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Real Estate | Daniel


Real Estate | Daniel




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Real Estate’s sixth full-length album, ‘Daniel’, was recorded in an ebullient nine-day spree in RCA Studio A in Nashville with celebrated producer and songwriter Daniel Tashian. In 11 compulsively tuneful songs, they connect the uninhibited wonder of their earliest work with the earned perspective of adulthood.

Martin Courtney actually learned of Tashian through his daughter, who adored an album he’d produced, Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Golden Hour’. The band reached out and spotted an instant connection despite their distinct wheelhouses - the Grammy-winning Nashville country-pop guy who’d helmed several smashes and the Northeast indie rock quintet with narcotic guitars. Real Estate had been thinking about R.E.M.’s ‘Automatic for the People’ and 1990s ‘soft-rock radio’,the background music of their youth. Tashian helped lead them back toward it, toward an improved edition of the less self-conscious band they’d been at the start.

Several days into recording, all five members of Real Estate were discussing album titles when someone suggested ‘Daniel’, simply because it seemed funny to bestow a human name upon a record. Was it for Daniel Tashian? Maybe. Was it a nod to The Replacements’ ‘Tim’? Possibly. Was it the sign of a band that has now been around long enough to take its music seriously without taking itself or its perception too seriously? Absolutely.


Somebody New
Haunted World
Water Underground
Freeze Brain
Say No More
Market Street
You Are Here

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