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Roxy Music | For Your Pleasure - Half-Speed Remaster


Roxy Music | For Your Pleasure - Half-Speed Remaster




Limited edition gatefold 180g vinyl

Remastered and cut Half-Speed from the original 1/4" tapes at Abbey Road Studios, London

Roxy Music followed up their stunning debut with ‘For Your Pleasure’, an album that’s come to be regarded by many as the ultimate musical expression of Roxy Music’s early period.

For this record the band found the freedom to develop the songs along experimental lines in the studio, resulting in an immensely satisfying musical statement. Added to Bryan Ferry’s alternately seductive and dystopian imagery, Eno’s other-worldly synth sounds and tape loop effects were propelled by the virtuoso musical powerhouse of Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera and Paul Thompson.

Ultimately, the sum of these parts continues to earn ‘For Your Pleasure’ a place in many ‘Best Albums Of All Time’ listings and its music is as timeless and fresh today as first heard back in 1973.

For this 50th anniversary edition ‘For Your Pleasure’ has been given a fresh half-speed cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios in London. To reflect the enhanced audio, the album artwork has been similarly revised with lyrics and a deluxe gloss laminated finish.

From the LFD archives:

Roxy Music | For Your Pleasure 1973
As we break into the 300s (album and day 301 'Deaders! - number crunching ed) Roxy mark their third appearance in my relentless ransacking of the Memory Palace with their glorious second album.
Andy Mackay's skronking on Do The Strand blew my noggin as a kid. I remember thinking, 'He's not even pretending to play the same song as the rest of band'...a credo I've kind of took as my own at various points in my life whenever it suited me. With mixed results natch.
In Every Dream Home A Heartache. What a Ballardian masterpiece: '...but you blew my mind!' pretty much sums up Roxy's first four records. Simply untouchable.

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