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Swell Maps | Mayday Signals

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Swell Maps | Mayday Signals




Black double vinyl

An album crammed full of rare & Unreleased tracks from the vaults of swell map founder Jowe Head.

Swell Maps formed out of various bedrooms in the mid -70s and became the pioneers of DIY punk.

Swell Maps founding members were Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Jowe Head & Phones Sportsman

Includes demo versions of 2 of the bands Singles “Dresden Style” & “Read about Seymour”.

Exclusive Liner notes by Jowe Head

Exclusive artwork originally designed by Epic Soundtracks & Jowe Head in 1977

SIDE 1: 1976-77 1/Intro/Sweet and Sour extract 2/Almost Grown 3/City Boys (Dresden Style) 4/Sahara 5/One of the Crowd 6/Wireless 7/Ripped and Torn 8/God Save the Queen 9/Platinum Blind 10/Harvist 11/Gramofonica

SIDE 2: 1977 12/Read About Seymour 13/Shubunkin 14/Trade Kingdom 15/Pets’ Corner 16/Fashion Cult (Opaque) 17/Plankton 18/Johnny Seven 19/Below Number One 20/Plumbing/Radio Ten/Here’s the Cupboard 21/Organism 22/Sweet and Sour reprise

SIDE 3:1978-79 23/Vertical Slum 24/Avalanche prelude 25/International Rescue 26/Deliferous Mistail 27/Armadillo 28/Avalanche part 2 29/Off The Beach

SIDE 4: 30/Drop in the Ocean 31/Whatever Happens Next (acoustic) 32/Elegia pt.2 33/Bandits 1-5 34/Secret Choir 35/Big Cake Over America 36/Tibetan Bedsprings

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