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The Psychic Circle | View From The Magicians Window - Blood Moon Vinyl

Library Of The Occult

The Psychic Circle | View From The Magicians Window - Blood Moon Vinyl




Limited edition (400 copies) 'Blood Moon' vinyl

Alone at the top of Immortal mountain sits the castle of the strange Alchemist. Once praised for his sorcery by the village it towers over until one winters morning he awoke to find in his possession, The Psychic circle. A glowing orb that showed him whatever his mind desired. Captured as if held in a trance by its wonder the sorcerer couldn't break his gaze from the glowing ord. The garden of his mind had been poisoned and like vines pulled from a tree the sanity was ripped from his wizard brain. In a state of pure chaos he began to unleash an onslaught of dark magick onto the village people that once praised him. For days this continued until his mind and body both gave way in a state of exhaustion. The town folk used this as their chance and dragged the wizard back up the mountain, locking him away and banished to dwell in his castle with just the view from his window on to the destruction he caused or to look once more into the psychic circle.

Music written by Tom McDowell and Performed by the Psychic Circle

Tom McDowell - Keys, Synth, Organ & Mellotron
Jack Harris - Guitar, Bass Guitar
J.D - Drums

*Drums on 'View from the magicians window part 1' & 'Burning The Psychic Circle' performed by John Simm/The Drum Tamer

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