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The War On Drugs | I Don't Live Here Anymore


The War On Drugs | I Don't Live Here Anymore




Gatefold black double vinyl

In the movie Napolean Dynamite, miserable and disillusioned Uncle Rico is so desperate to relive his past he buys a 'time machine' off the internet.
In wedding dance floor staple Summer Of '69, Bryan Adams returns to the memories of his favourite summer.
In Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen recounts stories of his friends' youth and laments the passage of time.
With their new record, 'I Don't Live Here Anymore', The War On Drugs haven't just finessed their future-retro sound to perfectly capture the dynamics of these 80s stadium-grade unit shifters, they've also tapped the duality of 80s rock: bleeding edge technology of tomorrow's world welded to lyrics that long for an uncomplicated (and therefore preferable) past.

'The music of yesterday at tomorrow's prices' - Gimli son of Gloin.

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