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Tomoyuki Trio | Mars

Riot Season

Tomoyuki Trio | Mars



Limited (300) black vinyl

Includes download code

Introducing TOMOYUKI TRIO, a blistering power trio featuring Tomoyuki Aoki, Mike Vest & Dave Sneddon.

Tomoyuki Aoki is the founding member and lead guitarist of the legendary Japanese psychedelic rock band UP-TIGHT, who’ve been active and since 1992 building up a cult following worldwide.

This debut collaboration between Tomoyuki Aoki & Mike Vest (of Blown Out, Bong, Modoki, Artifacts & Uranium, Drunk In Hell etc) greets two titans of guitar feedback and blissful ‘improvised every-time’ leads.

Experimental ultra-delayed vocals, shimmer over downer minor chord basslines, leaving room for Aoki’s guitar devastations.

This is introverted mournful psychedelic rock music, yet it still grooves all the way to it's inevitable oblivion.


'Aoki’s legendary guitar tone cuts through the mix like a soaring downer destroyer…’

'Improvised, in the moment, sonic tonal guitar leads, which leads the listener through a maze of self reflections and mournful oblivions….’

'Tomoyuki and UP-TIGHT have influenced whole generations and will continue to do so, effortlessly……’

'Let the whole album destroy you, pounder over what was lost…’

'First track, absolutely slays!….’


A1. Voiceless Cry (15:02)
A2. Transcendentem (6:53)

B1. Metagalactic (6:18)
B2. Universum (7:30)
B3. Aether (3:26)

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