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Various Artists | Soho Scene '67 + Jazz Goes Mod - RSD21

Rhythm And Blues Records

Various Artists | Soho Scene '67 + Jazz Goes Mod - RSD21




500 pressed on black vinyl. 1967. A year of seismic change in the UK: mini skirts and Mini Coopers, psychedelic 'happenings' and of course Sgt. Pepper. British jazz was changing too: no longer cool and sharp-suited; now featuring beads and bangles and - literally - letting its hair down. A new breed of young musicians moved between styles from avant-garde to R&B and taking in current pop. On Side One, we give you Britain's finest and on Side Two some of the very best music coming out of the States in that exciting, eclectic year.

SIDE ONE. 1. Juicy - Spontaneous Music Ensemble 2. Lazy Afternoon - Johnny Scott Quintet 3. Cleopatra's Needle - Ronnie Ross Sextet 4. Brew - Collin Bates Trio 5. Limited Freedom - Harry South Big Band. SIDE TWO. 1. Mustang - Curtis Amy Septet 2. Comin' Home Baby - Fred Ramirez 3. A Bucket Full Of Soul - Trudy Pitts 4. Chicken & Dumplins - Bobby Timmons 5. Wack Wack - Young-Holt Unlimited

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