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Various | Reach - Red Vinyl


Various | Reach - Red Vinyl




Limited edition 'Open Heart' red vinyl

A post-modern mixtape of 12 micro genres created
by The Numero Group.

Bending the rules of the compilation with a
selection of songs bound by their soaring spirit and
adventurous approach, ‘Reach’ is inspirational living for algorithmic times.


Lenny White -Enchanted
Pool Suite: Prelude & Part 1
Masumi Hara -To live in
the Sea
Alex Johnson -The Kiss
LaRhonda LeGette -Thou
Art With Me
Ascending Wave
Modulation Del Sol
A.R.T. Wilson -Past Life
John D. Curnow
Wisconsin Bird Songs
Calvin Keys -Touch
Suse Millemann -Open
Heart-Hawk Belly
Batang Frisco -Myth
Bob Siebert -Rain
Reach -Gold Dust Twins

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