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Yard Act | Where's My Utopia? - Orange Vinyl


Yard Act | Where's My Utopia? - Orange Vinyl




Limited edition 'Utopian' orange vinyl

Record company guff:

'EVERYONE'S favourite British band from Leeds are BACK! Bringing their unique sound, charm and lyrical wit! In many ways, Yard Act is a project that exists through the fusion of seemingly opposing entities. Old friends in a new band, they seek out shades of socio-political grey, imbibing their stories with sharp, satirical spoken-word humour.

Spearheaded by James Smith (vocals) and Ryan Needham (bass), the now four-piece, completed by Sam Shjipstone (guitar) and Jay Russell (drums), have built a sound that speaks inherently to their birthplace of Leeds, West Yorkshire, and yet ties together observations from all walks of modern British life – the small-town bloke in the local pub, the anti-capitalist stuck at a desk job, the tired activist in all of us torn between easy complicity and the desire to fight.

Their sound and ethos might be progressive, but it’s not about pointing fingers so much as opening eyes.'


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