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Young Marble Giants | Colossal Youth - 40th Anniversary Edition


Young Marble Giants | Colossal Youth - 40th Anniversary Edition




Limited edition 40th Anniversary gatefold double clear vinyl

Includes download code

Includes live DVD

Young Marble Giants’ one and only album ‘Colossal Youth’ celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the Cardiff trio are releasing a special edition reissue.

Young Marble Giants ‘Colossal Youth: 40th Anniversary Edition’ includes the titular album as well as songs from ‘Salad Days’, ‘Is The War Over?’, the ‘Final Day’ single and their ‘Testcard’ EP, plus a live DVD of their last ever US show at Hurrah in New York in 1980.

Comprised of guitarist-songwriter Stuart Moxham, brother and bassist Philip and singer Alison Statton, YMG emerged from the punk and post-punk landscape with a sound like no one else. Recorded in five days, ‘Colossal Youth’ went on to influence whole legions from Sheffield to Seattle, looking to de-grungify gangs of four or more. They found fans in the likes of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Belle & Sebastian, David Byrne, Sonic Youth and The Magnetic Fields.

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